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Caviar congratulates Donald Trump on his victory and presents him "Changeover" iPhone

On November, 9th it was announced that Donald Trump, candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, became the president of the United States of America. Caviar, brand of luxury smartphones, decided to congratulate mister Trump on his victory and included a model with the politician's portrait to the presidential collection "Supremo". Caviar has addressed in Trump's office with a proposal to send the smartphone to America, as a sign of further friendship between the countries.

The new model of exclusive iPhone 7 is a part of Supremo series. This series is devoted to great personalities and already includes several models devoted to the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. Hoping for a new page in relations between Russia and America, the brand presented Supremo Trump Changeover model in this collection.

This phone is a material expression of hopes for rapprochement of Russia and USA and for confirmation of well-disposed Trump's words about Russia by deeds which will lead to Changeover of relations between two Great Powers.

Design of the smartphone is a composition covered with gold and embodied as a kind of engravings with Trump's portrait and the Great Seal of the United States, as well as a slogan which led Trump to his victory - "Make America Great Again".

"It is our firm attitude - we support not only patriots of Russia in our country, but also those people who express their respect to our country being citizens of other states. Donald Trump was speaking about rapprochement with Russia; we appreciate his courage and frankness in this question. And now, after he's become president of the USA, we look to the future with optimism and hope for qualitative change of relations between our countries. We will do our best to deliver the smartphone to mister Trump" - representatives of the brand.

Trump's supporters can also buy iPhone 7 Caviar Supremo Trump Changeover in Caviar online-boutique at the price of 197 000 rbl. for a model with memory size of 32 Gb.